Full control over your user onboarding

Sometimes, the basics are just not enough. JavaScript SDK is a library that allows you to control onboarding with code. Start, switch and stop product tours whenever and wherever you like.

    Key features

    Manage user onboardingthrough code

    Cross-device support

    Connect your users with MintLike tool

    No one likes to be shown the same thing twice. With MintLike you can synchronize your users to your onboarding so that the tour does not reappear when they access the app from a different browser.
    Full control

    Start a product tour anytime with an In-App event

    Take the tour into your own hands with In-App Events - a Trigger that interacts with code. Now, you can start and re-launch tours whenever you deem necessary.
    Dark / Light

    Switch theme per application mode

    Building seamless and effective product tours includes accessible design. With MintLike, your interface will adapt to dark and light themes, when needed. To do that, simply implement the necessary commands in the JS SDK.
    React / Angular / Vue

    Works with all popular JS frameworks

    At MintLike, we try to be inclusive. No matter your framework of choice, rest assured, your product onboarding will function just as intended, with no bugs in sight.

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