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Break the barrier with ourNo Code Builder

Having no experience in coding may seem like an impossible obstacle to overcome. But not anymore. MintLike’s No Code Builder allows you to effortlessly create exciting, yet straightforward product tours in minutes, with no coding knowledge required.

    Key features

    Change everythingwithout coders


    Developers not required

    With MintLike’s No Code Builder, you can now leverage the latest tools to create seamless designs on the go. Give your coders a break, and get creative with our Visual Builder.

    Build user onboarding in 2 clicks

    Highlight new features, create Hotspots, and visualize your product walkthroughs with the help of our Visual Builder, in a matter of a few clicks.
    Quick result

    Reduce time to market

    Eliminate the unnecessary steps, and distill your workflow down to the very basics. Save time and money by creating highly personalized product walkthroughs to fit all your customers’ needs and wishes.

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