Don’t let your users missthe best you have to offer

You don’t want your users missing any of your products’ features. They were made to be noticed. Now, the task is easier with MintLike’s Hotspots. Create static info-boxes to share tips & tricks, highlight new features, and announce updates. Discover immediate retention results in the features you decide to highlight with Hotspots.

    Key features

    Highlight allthe important things

    dynamic content

    Tooltip wait when element to be visible

    To inform and attract users MintLike will adapt to changes in your product. Enhance feature discovery with Tooltips - hints that will pop up only once the element has loaded on screen. This prevents modal windows and drop down menus from appearing before the page content has loaded.

    Test before uploading in your site

    Test hotspots & product tours in preview mode before they go live, to make sure they run as smoothly as intended. This allows you to double check everything in advance and provide a seamless product walkthrough experience for your future customers, no bugs in sight.
    No Code

    Easy build without code

    With MintLike you can give your developers team a break and engage in the process by leveraging product tour building tools that require zero code. Build effortless and eye-pleasing experiences ready for launch in minutes, not days. Try mixing up your approaches for a better onboarding experience.
    Page targeting

    On which pages to show the hotspots

    With MintLike you can make sure the audience is shown the content at the right time and in the right context. To ensure an engaging experience for your users, you can use Page Targeting to specify which pages the Hotspots should be launched on.

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