Quantify, refine, andenhance with Analytics

Understanding your customers is a major advantage to growing a successful business. With MintLike you can use Analytics to track your successes and failures, and find new, innovative solutions to the latter.

    Key features

    Know all aboutyour users


    Monitor activity as it happens on your app

    With other tools, data collection can take up to 10 minutes. With MintLike the upload is instant. Get immediate feedback as soon as you launch your app, swiftly evaluate feature performance and implement changes as needed.
    Increase conversion

    Drive conversions with analytics data

    MintLike provides an in-depth overview of data you might need to track your successes or areas you can improve. Completion Rate is an indicator that shows how many of your users started the onboarding process, and how many completed it.
    Know your users

    Track important user engagement metrics

    Instead of creating product walkthroughs randomly, you can now track what your users like, don’t like and what they require. Once you identify these factors and make the needed changes, you can track engagement and feature performance to see the results.
    Drill down analytics

    Investigate onboarding with low effort

    Explore detailed analytics across a range of topics, products, and time frames, all presented on your Dashboard. With MintLike you have the ability to examine metrics at each step of your product tour, and determine at which points your users might leave it.

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