Use our multiple style settings for a perfect match

This feature will allow you to easily customize our product to match the style of your app or website!

It actually means that you can incorporate our product into yours making it fit in as organically as possible, so as it will not stand out from the general view of your visual DNA in any case.

    Key features

    Style every detail

    Fine tuning

    Change different style options

    Say “no” to the dull background and font color change!

    Use various inbuilt settings similar to word or google docs to make it closer to your style. We definitely advise you to try our multiple style parameters configuration to obtain a more flexible setting!

    Multiple themes

    Create your own themes

    Let’s represent our magic themes.

    We have collected our styles in different groups — themes — for you to make it easier to choose the best appropriate one.

    With the help of our themes you can create at least one theme for each of your product tours!

    Dark / Light

    Sync dark mode with your application

    And of course we couldn't get past everyone's favorite dark themes! From now you can choose and set a dark or a light theme within your app or website.

    Trust our algorithms like we trust your taste!

    Color presets

    Use matching colors chosen by our designers

    Our designers have done a great job to create incredible color presets just for you!

    Designed specifically with the most safe or matching to each other colors.

    Our color presets will help to make the most suitable style for your app or website.

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