Visual Editor

Building with MintLikehas never been easier

Can you optimize website changes with a no-code visual editor? The answer is simple: yes, if you use MintLike. MintLike is the only all-encompassing design platform that enables professionals to independently develop and publish original web experiences with unrestricted artistic and technical flexibility.

    Key features

    Build directlyon your web app

    drag & drop

    Build user onboarding in 2 clicks

    Now that they have the necessary capabilities, marketers can lead the way in customization. As soon as you launch your onboarding, you can easily customize any piece on your page by clicking it in our visual editor, changing the content, and publish it.
    browser extensions

    Install browser extension for use editor

    Are you tired of constantly switching between different tabs just to edit your user onboarding? Our browser extension makes it easier than ever to edit it directly on your web app. Say goodbye to tab-hopping - simply install our extension and start editing!
    Live preview

    Apply your changes in the app in real-time

    Transform the way you update your user onboarding with MintLike. Our real-time technology allows you to apply changes instantly, so you can see the results right away. No more waiting for updates to go live - make your adjustments and watch them take effect in real-time.
    Manual & css selector

    Both modes for select elements in your app

    Using manual selection, MintLike provides a completely visual method of creating onboarding on web pages. However, you can enter CSS code in the editor panel for exceptional circumstances if you need more power and customization.

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