Product tours

The one tour that will turnyour users into customers

Create impressive product tours to guide your users right down to the value of your product. By highlighting your product’s best features in the early minutes of the tour, together we can persuade your users to become your customers.

    Key features

    Create the bestproduct tours


    Guide the user through the pages

    Need your tour to start a tour on page 1, continue to page 2, then go back to page 1 and jump back to page 3? Not a problem. MintLike’s feature allows you to create complex multi-page journeys for your customers, guiding them through the stages in the precise order you require.

    Set when your tour should start

    Right timing is everything. With Triggers, you get to decide when the timing is right. Start tours automatically based on a schedule or user behaviors, customizing the journey to catch your users’ attention at all the right moments.
    js sdk

    Manual start by your code

    While MintLike covers all bases, sometimes you will want to go above and beyond to make the tours truly unique to your product. With JS SDK you can customize the journey to best fit your audience: trigger, skip, or stop your tours based on your unique code and events. Now you can leverage code to create more efficient product walkthroughs.
    Page targeting

    On which pages to show the product tour

    Make sure the content is shown in the right context to the right audience, at the right time. You can use Page Targeting to specify which pages the product tour should be launched on, ensuring a smooth journey for your users.

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